Due to the speed with which innovations are developing in the world, we are getting new terms and new technology from every side which makes it difficult to keep up with all the innovations. The most current news at the moment is artificial intelligence. Many questions arise due to its rapid spread across all professions and therefore, we at Semos Education, decided to share all our knowledge with you so that you too can use artificial intelligence and take advantage of its use.

Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) in English is a set of mathematical systems and computer programs that analyze data. These are equations combined in an algorithm into which values from a database are entered. The equations process the values and draw conclusions about certain criteria from the processing. The criteria and algorithms are adjusted by a so-called administrator of the machine (computer) depending on the needs. Furthermore, all these conclusions are saved by the computer as acquired experience in a process called machine learning. In the future, users can ask the machine questions with new values, and it will respond based on the knowledge it has acquired through machine learning. With this we get a machine that learns from its experience: the more information and questions are inserted during machine learning - the more accurate answers the system will generate.

This innovation can be trained for any needs and in any area, so more and more companies strive to use it to facilitate and improve the work of their employees. Artificial intelligence can be worked in two ways:

  • By standing out as an AI specialist who will work on the development and maintenance of AI systems or
  • By implementing ready-made AI tools in your everyday work.

The Semos Education team is preparing a series of events where you can explore AI possibilities without having any technical knowledge, that is, how to apply AI tools intended for your profession. In the next period, expect educational texts, free webinars and a range of trainings that will focus on the latest applications to facilitate your work! Some of the contents, like those for all creatives, have already been announced, but a large part will follow in the coming months.

On the other hand, when it comes to the technologically inclined, Semos Education has released three different trainings - for every desired level of expertise. First on the schedule is the AI Ready summer mentoring program.

AI Ready is a mentoring program that takes place this summer at Semos Education. It covers all the necessary material for all those eager to sail the waters of AI software, with no prior knowledge required. The content is composed of four modules:

  • Python,
  • Basic mathematical concepts,
  • Basics of AI and Machine Learning and
  • PyTorch

The content prepares learners step-by-step to create their own AI solutions. At the beginning, the Python programming language is learned, the most used programming language for AI systems in the world. Furthermore, the second module focuses on the mathematical background required for data processing, and devising algorithms that would be coded in Python. In the course Fundamentals of AI and Machine Learning, the theoretical and practical aspects of AI models are considered through examples. This course offers insight into all applicable and relevant topics for AI solutions to business tasks of a different nature. Finally, the knowledge of PyTorch enables the understanding of advanced neural networks, thus serving as a springboard for the trainees to surpass their competition in the job market. After completing this program, trainees could implement and update AI software in any company, or they could continue to upgrade to a specialist or expert level.

In case you want to upgrade your knowledge, Semos Education has developed a full academy that starts in September. It is intended for learners who want to become internationally certified AI experts. The academy lasts several months and after its completion, the title that the students acquire is at a high professional level. If you already work in the field of technologies and would just like to upgrade your knowledge and acquire a specialist certificate, we have an option for you too!

The last course in the academy's suite: Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner (CAIP) is separate and can be listened to separately. The separate course implies prior technical knowledge that would otherwise be acquired at the academy.

What next? The AI team of Semos Education is dedicated to bringing the news and applications of AI to everyone who is curious about the latest technologies in the world, as well as to those who would like to break the monotony and stress in their profession.

Follow our page to keep up to date with the blog, free webinars and trainings, or contact us at ai@semos.com.mk to share opinions and questions!